Will Pending Layoffs Put Final Nail In Yahoo Search?

posted on 01 Apr 2012 09:09 by thevza4 in news
Whatever is kept of Yahoo Look — and, frankly, that’s unclear at this point — could be gone fully within the next newlyweds of weeks. seo

At AllThingsD nowadays, Kara Swisher is reporting that Yahoo is planning substantial layoffs as early as next week, using a company restructuring to be unveiled the week once that. Swisher, who’s been correct on issues like this in the past, talks about “a half-dozen sources” in reporting on Yahoo’s impending plans.

Of be aware for Look Engine Property viewers is the dialogue of which might take place to Yahoo Look. AllThingsD states that Yahoo has been in talks using both Yahoo and Microsoft.

“[Yahoo CEO Scott] Thompson and others still remain trying to determine how to dispense using its ad know-how org and, potentially, its research company. He has been in talks using both Microsoft and Yahoo on this, although there are various opportunities, very.”

One of individuals “various opportunities” can be seen to be Yahoo keeping on to minimum most of its research company, which AllThingsD states may be rolled into a “global advertising” division using Yahoo’s communications company.

Yahoo got from the major research company when it outsourced its research benefits to Bing in August 2010. That 10-year agreement calls for Bing to supremacy Yahoo’s research benefits and Microsoft’s adCenter to deal with self-service research ads (although Yahoo advanced to support “high quality” advertisers).

Previous Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz promised that Yahoo would “proceed to innovate” as a consumer user interface/knowledge side. While there possess been a couple of changes here and there, Yahoo’s share of the U.S. research marketplace has been sliding consistently.

Therefore, although my headline asks if the final make might soon hit the Yahoo research coffin, I’m certain Danny Sullivan would argue that it currently occurred three years ago.